Golf Tournament Anyone?

  • May 31, 2017

Plan the Perfect Golf Tournament


It’s the season for raising money while having fun on the golf course.  If you’re hosting or sponsoring an upcoming golf tournament, remember that gifts and prizes are key to entice golfers to come to your event.   Besides wanting to help a charitable cause, prizes are another draw to bring in players and to have them return again the following year.  


Here are four popular areas for gift-giving:


1.  Tee Gifts:  These are participation gifts that are given to each golfer at registration.  The gift should encourage the participant      to want to come back the next year.  The higher the entry fee, the better the gift should be.  Funny and unique gifts  always create a buzz!


2.  Winner’s Gifts:  Most teams play in groups of four.  Gifts can be presented for first-place, second-place and third-place finishers.  Again, the higher end tournaments can include a nice crystal gift or trophy that will be kept and displayed with pride.  These are motivation to participate and a source of pride for the winners.  


3.  Sponsor Awards:  These may be the most important!  They can be crystal or utilitarian and they don’t have to be golf-themed.  For example, branded blankets for individual sponsors.  If the sponsor is a corporate sponsor, a plaque or award that can be displayed on the walls of the office to demonstrate their commitment to their cause.  


4.  Volunteer Gifts:  The volunteers work hard, and you want them to come back  too.   T-shirts, caps and vests are common choices.  



In addition to these, you’ll also want to have contest prizes for Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin and Hole-in-One.  


No matter the use, you will want to choose gift choices that have a high perceived value to match the feel of the tournament.  Most golfers have their favorite golfing aids so be sure to consider non-golf items too.  There are many ideas to fit any budget from can coolers and sun screen to folding chairs and tech products.  Since most golfers spend four hours or more on the course, who wouldn’t  appreciate a power bank for their cell phone?  



Want more golf outing solutions and ideas?  We have lots to share!



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